Welcome to Linotune!

Linotune is a patent-pending strobe tuning system that can show a musical instrument's intonation with extreme accuracy and instantaneous response. Any given set of overtones can be measured and visualised along with the fundamental, making it the professional's tool of choice for tuning instruments such as steelpans, handpans, marimbas, and vibraphones. Linotune's patent-pending technology not only matches the characteristics of electromechanical strobe tuners, but in fact outperforms them in terms of sensitivity, frequency separation, and display clarity.

"This is the most comprehensive application for tuning any musical instrument on any platform. It's the only tuner you'll need."

- Mario Joseph, pan tuner, Trinidad & Tobago

The linotune software runs on Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. Professional users will appreciate linotune's revolutionary laser attachment that projects the strobe readout onto a convenient surface, such as the instrument being tuned.

For a closer look, check out this linotune tutorial by Colin Foulke (Æther handpan):

Key Features:

  • unprecedented sensitivity & clarity of strobe display
  • retro mode emulates traditional strobe disk
  • add & remove strobe bands at will to analyze & display any set of partials, not just one note across all octaves
  • set up & transpose modal patterns of allowed notes
  • laser attachment projects strobe readout onto convenient surface
  • peak spectrum overlay shows all significant partials at their exact (not interpolated!) frequency
  • fast & robust automtic pitch recognition over 5 octaves, can even detect a missing fundamental
  • smart pitch pipe can sound any partial either continuously, or as a beep in response to input sounds
  • scale/temperament library uses a standard format with over 4000 scales online - or create your own
  • note names: English, German, solfège, sargam, Russian, Byzantine, or Japanese; custom names & accidentals
  • optional multi-window upgrade allows running any number of linked or independent strobes simultaneously

And much more - see the user's guide for further details.

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