linotune laser projection attachment

laser tuning station at Pantheon Steel LLC

Linotune laser projection tuning station at Pantheon Steel, LLC

laser projection of the strobe readout

Our unique laser attachment is a revolutionary new concept in tuning: a microphone-sized device that uses lasers to faithfully replicate linotune's first 4 strobe bands, allowing you to project them onto any suitable surface - a wall, a desktop, or (more to the point) straight onto the instrument you are tuning!

By putting the strobe readout right where you are tuning, the laser attachment eliminates the distraction caused by constantly looking up from your work to the computer display and back. This improves your concentrated focus on tuning, tightens the ear-eye-hand feedback loop, and prevents eye and neck aches after long tuning sessions.

For detailed instructions, see pages 6 & 7 of the linotune User's Guide.

transport case
case interior

Key Features:

  • plug & play operation, powered & controlled via USB
  • brightness and contrast adjustable from linotune
  • mounts on any standard (1/4", 3/8", or 5/8" thread) audio, video, or photo tripod, stand, swing arm, gooseneck, etc.
  • solid anodized aluminum housing, choice of 3 colors
  • tough, waterproof, impact resistant transport case
  • 2 years warranty against any manufacturing defects

 linotune laser attachment 
- also requires a linotune license to run -

choose housing color: 
crimson crimson
indigo indigo
teal teal
any of the above 


799.- € (+50€ world-
 wide insured shipping)  


Special offer to residents of SEPA (Single European Payments Area) countries: FREE SHIPPING if you pay by direct bank transfer - contact me for details.

picture of three units